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Monday, 1 March 2010

April tour

Fashanu is touring with Imperial Can (Cairo, IL, half of Ghost Mice) and ONSIND (Pity Me) in April. We set off 1 month today.

April 1: Fishtank, Durham (Imperial Can album launch show)
April 2: Independent, Sunderland (w/ Failures Union)
April 3: Mello Mello, Liverpool
April 4: Park Cellars, Leeds
April 5: Mozarts, Swansea
April 6: Fighting Cocks, Kingston
April 7: Goblets, Southampton
April 8: Hobgoblin, Brighton
April 9: Cross Kings, London (w/Apologies, I Have None)
April 10: SPAYCE, Leamington Spa
April 11: Matinee House show, Nottingham
April 11: the Stockroom, Sheffield
April 12: 1 in 12, Bradford (night time)